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Relationship 101 (the project overview) is an unique and special program that promotes healthy and peaceful relationships.

This program uses a powerful theatrical presentation and interactive dramatic workshops to teach young adults how to engage in healthy relationships and practice safe and positive dating patterns.


To teach young people the essence of a positive relationship and to help them avoid abusive and unsafe choices. This awareness will provide the foundations for violence prevention and support wise dating patterns.

To foster self worth and self esteem by empowering young adults to make healthy and wise choices.

We will visit each group/school four (4) times as part of the program.
Each meeting /session will consist of an one-hour workshop.

The program will be implemented in four stages, addressing the following topics:

• Session 1 - Consists of an abbreviated presentation of
"Flowers Aren’t Enough" and an in debth discussion to follow.

• Session 2 - COMMUNICATION! This session will deal with communication, how do express ourselves and make sure we say what we want, say what we need, most important say what hurts us.

• Session 3 - CHOICES! This session is about making wise, healthy choices & consequences.

• Session 4 - ACTION! This session focuses on taking action, specifically how do you (the participants) become facilitators of change.

Finally, we will visit the schools or facilities a fifth time where we will create a youth advisory board. Once the board is created, we will intake feedback and advice and fine-tune the curriculum to their unique and specific needs.

In addition to the exercises and sessions, an interactive cyberspace environment will be created, giving participants a place to continue the discussion, get information and ask questions.


Relationship 101 Facilities & Schools

Public & Private schools throughout Southern California including:

• Fairfax High School, March 2010
• San Pedro High School, April 2010
• County Boys probation camp facilities
(Camps Gonzales and Camp Miller)
• County Girls probation camp facilities
(Camps Scott and Scudder)

Additional pilot programs being scheduled now!

What people are saying...


• "I learned that trust and communication is a big part of a relationship. Also, if you are in an unhealthy relationship, get out of it."
• "My favorite part of the sessions was the acting and role playing part, becauseit was exciting and fun."
• "I feel that my relationships will be different now, because I am aware of the signs of abuse and I know how to express how I feel."
• "I learned that, it is OK to say no, and to simply stand up for what you believe in."


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